High Cost, Low Results, and You


“So you are not getting your money’s worth – take a close look at your fat burner”

When talking about the worst fat burner supplements, there can be a lot of talk about including which specific product is the worst out there. Right now, OxyElite Pro is taking the brunt of this force nationwide. However, a product doesn’t have to be linked to serious liver disease in order to be a terrible idea. We know, that what you need right now, is a legit fat burner. Here is A Comprehensive Review of USPlabs OxyElite Pro. Is it Safe?. You should understand that not all fat burner supplements are created equal, and when it comes down to deciding the worst of the worst, these are the categories that all the nominees have in common.

You Have to Follow Their Diet Plan

On the surface, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. After all, one should expect to have to diet even when they’re taking a fat burner. Just because the fat comes off a little bit easier doesn’t mean that you don’t still have to work it off yourself. Having to follow a diet plan isn’t the problem; the problem is that you have to follow their diet plan, specifically. It is ‘scientifically formulated’ works the best with the product that they’re selling, and it over looks the key fact: calories in versus calories out. If you’re losing weight, you have to be eating fewer calories than you’re working off. Basically, if you’re losing weight on this diet, it’s not because the diet is great with the pills, it’s because the diet is restricting your calories to the point where you are losing weight.

Pills that come with a diet plan like this are often times placebos. At most, they might mildly stimulate your metabolism, but they’re probably primarily appetite suppressants. There’s nothing wrong wits appetite suppressants since they have long been a dieter’s ‘go-to’ tool when you need help cutting cravings until you start to see results. That’s all well and good, even normal, however, you’re trying to invest your money into a fat burner, not a diet plan and some placebo-giving sugar pills; these pills have ‘scam’ written all over them.

They Stimulate Your Metabolism as Much as Possible


“Suffering from insomnia? Time to change your fat burning supplement”

Stimulating the metabolism is a great thing that a fat burner does. It convinces your body to burn more fat that you need to in order to stay alive, and you reap the rewards in the form of better concentration and more energy in addition to weight loss. It seems like the perfect situation, but you have to take some things in account. First of all, how much is it really stimulating your metabolism?

Metabolism boosters are often linked to insomnia since almost all weight loss pills contain some form of caffeine. The mixture of caffeine and the energy that you’re getting from your boosted metabolism could be more than enough to keep you tossing and turning all night long. Getting enough sleep is the foundation of health and mental wellbeing, and being sleep deprived is not going to help you get fit or lose weight.

Sleep deprivation will make you cranky, irritable, and lowers your flexibility and mental adaptability. You’re less likely to be creative, and even if you have more energy from the supplement and your own boosted metabolism, you won’t be able to channel or harness that energy the way that you need to. You’ll be stressed and unhappy, and stress is a common reason for people to gain weight.

Increased metabolism, if it’s not adequately paired with an appetite suppressant, can send your hunger and cravings through the roof. Coupled with the stress, there’s a strong likelihood that you will cave to cravings and emotionally eat. This will come back; ruining your diet because there’s simply no way that a weight loss product could keep up with binge eating. Pick the wrong metabolic stimulant fat burner and you’ll have a terrible experience managing your weight. The worst fat burner supplements are the ones that you gain weight while you’re using, but often such causes are linked to water retention or diet changes, so be mindful of the ingredients before ingesting them.

Advertises as “All Natural” Instead of Being Clinically Tested


“Do not trust a product blindly”

A lot of people gravitate towards organic and all natural supplements because they believe them to be inherently safer than a combination that was mixed in a pharmaceutical lab. There’s some truth to that since all natural products tend to be much less concentrated than their lab-created counterparts, and therefore any negative side effects that you encounter will be less severe. However, plenty of things that are natural can be dangerous to you: cancer grows organically, and no one would claim that it was safe. Just because a product is all natural doesn’t mean that it is harmless, so it is important to look out for clinical trials to make sure you are using a safe, organic, and truly natural product.

If the product can’t link to previous studies or clinical tests, there may be an issue since there is no guarantee of its performance. Not everything can be caught in a clinical trial; OxyElite Pro was on the market for years, and many people used it without ill effect, before it was shown to have the potential for seriously harmful side effects. However, it should at least be tested. If the company didn’t want to pay to research the effects on a controlled group of volunteers, you are allowing them to research on you for a price. Stick to products that have been clinically tested and which have the results of these tests available to the public. An endorsement by a doctor is not the same as an appraisal via the scientific method.

The Supplement Only Does One Thing


“It helps you to burn fat but increases your appetite”

The worst fat burner supplements are all ones that only focus on one aspect of weight loss or fat burning. For example, they may only target your metabolism, giving you a jolt of energy but also increasing your appetite to the point where you don’t lose any weight due to constant hunger. They could also suppress your appetite but take your energy level with it, leaving you sluggish. Even if you’re not eating, if you’re too tired and groggy to work out or enjoy life, what’s the point? You won’t see results, and you’ll still be paying through the nose.

Another hazard of single-use supplements is that they can also tempt people to combine supplements. If at all possible, do not take more than one brand of fat burner at a time. Find the balance of metabolic stimulant and appetite suppressant in one brand rather than mixing them up. You don’t want an unforeseen chemical interaction rendering your expensive supplements ineffective, or worse, causing a serious complication that requires medical attention.

Keep Scams at Bay

When you’re researching the right fat burner for you, make sure that you keep a look out for these tell tale signs that the product you’re considering is a scam. Forcing you to stick to their specific diet is a sign that they don’t count on the pills to do anything if you’re not severely calorie restricted. A metabolic stimulant that is too powerful will keep you up all night, and in the morning leave you too grumpy and tired to be able to focus during your workouts or resist the snack-food urge. All natural doesn’t mean that they can get out of fairly testing their product, and products that only do one thing aren’t going to yield the best results for you. Consider all of this before you settle on the product that you want to try. Remember, results are the most important thing and these terrible fat burner traits will let you know when a product is a scam.

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Is The Live Cam Industry An Honest One? Or Simply Ripping You Off?

“Find out if you are getting ripped off?”

“Find out if you are getting ripped off?”

The problem with the live cam industry is that there are far too many cam site scams out there that are willing to take in all your money and lie to you about the things that you could get. This is a huge problem but it is one that you must be aware of if you’re going to try and enjoy a good camera site.

Still, this does not mean that every single place that has web cams for you to watch is a scam. There are still plenty of legitimate places to see people at if you can find them. You just need to watch for the many things that come with scams before you can actually find places that will give you real women that you could enjoy watching online.

What Should a Site Have?

“Important elements of a website”

“Important elements of a website”

The problem with so many websites is that they don’t have all the necessary things you need in order to see that a site is worthwhile. For example, a site should have a full privacy policy and terms of use section that shows information on how a site is to be operated. This includes information on what a site is about and how you can use it to your advantage.

This information should be given to you as a means of seeing how your information is being used while also taking a look at what you’ll get access to. This information must be checked well so you’ll get a full idea of all the ground rules that come to a site.

A site that doesn’t have all that stuff will certainly be a scam because it will hide the true nature of that site from you. It’s a hard fact but it must be seen because it’s easy for you to be taken advantage of from a place like this because the site will certainly find you to be really gullible with what you’re doing.

Scams are Easy to Set Up

“It doesn’t take much to set up a scam site”

“It doesn’t take much to set up a scam site”

It’s not clear as to exactly how many cam site scams are out there but it’s clear that it is a realistic problem. The thing is that it is amazingly easy for people to get different scams set up as soon as possible. Much of this comes from how it doesn’t take much time to get such a scam ready.

First, the costs of registering websites that have adult-themed domain names and extensions have gone down in recent years. Some places will charge less than $20 a year for the rights to get a .XXX website set up. This is useful considering how it often costs more to get such a site like this to be registered when compared to an adult site.

Second, the process of starting up a site doesn’t take much time to do when a webcam is considered. Webcams are easy to install and add to a computer for all sorts of purposes. Anyone could start up a scam by using a simple webcam that is available for less than a hundred dollars on average.

It only takes a few minutes to get a single site set up. It can take as much time to get that site shut down just as well. The fly by night nature of so many of these scams can really be a risk that will only make things worse than necessary.

What about Money?

“Look for scams before you start sending money to a girl”

“Look for scams before you start sending money to a girl”

The monetary aspect of many of these sites is especially prevalent. Men are generous by nature when it comes to satisfaction. So, when they see a site that has a tip button which lets them give money to a woman online, they go for it. They don’t even know if the tip actually went to the woman or to the site. The mistake men make here is to trust the site. They should read the the ultimate cam sites guide first, to avoid these faults. It’s one thing if a site lets you go online for free because it has got lots of different advertisements to cover the cost of the service. However, it is another story if you are being asked to pay money beyond a simple subscription.

Sometimes you might be forced into paying money for certain things that you don’t want. You need to only pay for things that are voluntary for you to get into. In other words, a place that forces you to pay more for certain things will end up being a scam because you are not getting the option to go with something as an alternative.

Scanning Women Can Be a Challenge

One interesting thing to see about scams is that they often involve women who might not be all that interested in sex. These include women who often do nothing for you but ask for large amounts of money just to get into certain sexual acts. These women might not even be all that talented or capable of actually doing the things you want them to do for you.

The biggest problem is that a woman will often ask for all that money from every single person who’s in a room before performing a certain act. This is a scam because it makes it harder for people to watch women do stuff online as they are abusing their general systems for getting money. It’s a real burden as it often involves people asking you to pay lots of money just to get some acts going online.

In addition, many of these scams can include sites where the women you’ll find are different from the women that you see in the pictures. Sometimes this is the case when you spot sites that feature clear images that look too professional for a site. These clear images tend to be royalty free stock photos that a site pays for just to try and market what they’ve got. This means that the site is not actually going to show you the women you’ll be interacting with. A scam often hides the truth about who’s on a site for those who are legitimately interested in seeing what’s online.

There Are Plenty of Legitimate Spots

“Visit only the legit cam sites”

“Visit only the legit cam sites”

While it is true that there are loads of rip-off sites out there, not every place is going to be dangerous. There are plenty of honest operators who are willing to provide you with all sorts of cams that you can watch on your own terms. For example, if you go to OVGuide you’ll notice that there are loads of legitimate places for you to see women at. This site has a full policy that requires providers to make sure their videos are prepared to where the streams are accurate and safe to use.

Places like VIPTopia and Room7 are also good places to spot. These places require people to be members in order to actually get access to different activities and include strong privacy policies for all their data. Therefore, you should not be at risk when going online to see what’s on such a site.

These sites will include women who are properly paid and will actually want to participate in certain activities for you. It’s often a challenge to find sites that are as honest as this but the payoff will certainly be its own reward.

Always Watch Yourself Online

Remember, not every place that has women for you to see on webcams is going to be a full scam. There are loads of places where you’ll find honest operators who aren’t going to scam you. However, you need to be extremely cautious if you are going to be on a site. Always check and see what’s going on with different sites so you’ll see what you could be getting yourself into.

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Avoid Advertising Mistakes, When Promoting an Online Training Course


“Don’t make silly advertising mistakes”

With online training courses, it’s easier than ever to establish yourself as an expert in almost any field you choose. But even with these great tools, you must advertise the courses that you develop. The number of students you get depends on the success of your advertising campaign. To get a high rate on your return of investment, you must make sure that you avoid these very easy advertising mistakes.

Using the Same Promotions on All Social Media Platforms

According to the Search Engine Journal, all social media platforms have their own specific personalities and target audiences. Each one comes with separate restrictions and benefits that you must recognize to get the most out of your advertisements. Research the segments of your target audience that participates in the target social media platforms to understand just how to tailor your messages so they will receive the most attention.

Focusing on the Act Rather than the Benefit

One of the simplest advertising mistakes that can be made is to focus on the fact that you want the customer to take action rather than the benefit that the customer will receive if he acts. The act you want the customer to take is the call to action, and that should appear at the end of the ad. The body of the ad should be spent convincing the customer of the benefits that he can receive if he takes advantage of the offer you are giving him. Paint a picture of just what the customer can expect. Connect it to a key emotion, and make him wonder how he could live without it.

Incorporating Multiple Big Ideas or Calls to Action


“Avoid multiple calls to action on a page”

According to Contently, a singular focus is one of the most important aspects to a good advertisement. Often times, people tend to look at lots of different factors and experience numerous emotions when evaluating a business or service. Just look at some of the Kajabi and Siminars reviews online. You’ll see lots of different factors that go into the reviewers’ analysis. But when you write a promotional piece or advertisement, you can’t be all over the place. While numerous factors may come into play in your advertisement, you should only have one big idea and one called action.
The big idea itself is the main purpose of the advertisement. It captures what you want to convey and generally the emotion that you want to connect to or inspire within your reader. The call to action is what you want the reader to do. When you’re advertising an online training course, the most direct goal might be to get him to sign up for your course. But you might be tempted to offer other potential solutions such as agreeing to receive a newsletter from you or perhaps signing up for a free sample of your course. Avoid that temptation. Don’t include too many options and too many requests for action, they will result in inaction. Instead, focus only on one.
If you have multiple big ideas and multiple things you want to accomplish with your ads, take the time to craft ads specifically for those goals. You will see a much more significant rate of return on those ads than you would if you mix them altogether.

Putting Up a Price When Multiple Options Are Available


“Put up a price that compliments the quality of your product”

Now, we rated the platform for training for your convenience. Read the review of the kajabi product for training and from the kajabi.com review, you can see that price often becomes a big factor in whether readers decide to become students in your online training courses. Miscommunications and simple misunderstandings can easily turn people away. One of the simplest advertising mistakes is to promise a course at a set price when in reality you have multiple course options available for purchase. One of the great things about sites like Kajabi.com is the fact that you can review and select different levels of membership for your online courses. Most of the time, this means that you will have different prices for different levels of membership. If customers come to your page expecting to find the courses at a certain price, they may be agitated to find that that price does not apply to all of the options. It might not seem reasonable, but some customers respond in this fashion.
To avoid confusion, make sure that you use qualifying phrases in your marketing descriptions such as “courses starting at” or “basic membership price starting at.” Qualifying phrases like this indicate to potential customers that not everything costs the same price. The amateur mistake is to say something like “courses for $20.” That particular promo may sound as if all of your courses only cost $20.

Using Stock Images

According to “The Hidden Risks of Using Stock Images or Photos You Didn’t Take on Your Website,” will stock photography can quickly result in a lesson to brand value. Unless you actually purchase the stock photography from a licensed stock photography site, you are fully responsible for any potential wrong doing related to that image. It can be very difficult to tell online whether an image or photo is actually copyright and royalty-free. According to US copyright law, you as the site and course owner may have to pay a portion of all of the profits you made using the stock imagery or you may have to disgorge all profits. Additional monetary damages may be assessed.
The other problem with using stock images is that often times certain industries and niches tend to use the same stock photos over and over again. One of the classics is of the two men shaking hands. Using too much stock photography can cause people to assume that your site does not contain much original content. If you decide to use pictures or images in your online training course, it’s best if you use original ones. This way you do not have to worry about potential copyright violations, and you also know that these images will be original.

Linking to a Generic Page Rather Than a Squeeze or Product Specific Page


“Start linking to a high authority page”

One of the biggest rules in marketing is to make the buying process as easy as possible on your customers. The easier it is for potential student to sign up for your online course, the more likely he will. Take the time to link your ads to specific squeeze pages or product specific pages. The most appropriate page depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If, for instance, your ad is obviously promotional, directing the reader to the product specific page with the buy option may work best. He’s already primed for action. Similarly, if your ad is more content based and designed to develop curiosity, it may be better to send the customer to a product specific squeeze page.
The big mistake that many marketers make is to link to the primary homepage of the service. So for instance, if you’re promoting a course on Kajabi.com, you would link to the Kajabi.com home page for potential students to review. For the student event sign up for your course, he has to come back and find your website or product page or discover you through the site’s search engine. Regardless, it makes the customer take another step, and that makes it more likely that you might lose him.

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How To Take A Hot Profile Photo For Your Classified Dating Ad


“Upload your Hottest picture online”

If you are considering setting up an online dating site then you have to think about the profile that you creating. This also means that you must have a profile photo to go along with your profile. Be honest, what is the first thing that you look at when you visit an online dating site? Most people look at the photographs. Think about that when you are trying to take a photograph to go along with your profile. What is your photo going to say about you?

Selecting the Right Clothes and Makeup


“Look your true self”

When you look at the reviews of classified dating sites and you look at the photographs, do you pay attention to what the person is wearing? This is not uncommon because your clothing will say a lot about you. So, as you prepare for your profile picture it is always best to spend some time planning what you will wear. The same is true for the makeup that you are going to wear.
Now, it is important to keep in mind that the look you are trying to achieve is actually you at your best. Therefore, you are not preparing for a photograph that would be taken by a professional on your wedding day. What do you look like when you are ready for work or you are ready to head out with friends? Try to achieve that look. It will be very important to wear makeup but do not overdo it. Just a little loose powder will help to cut down on any glare that the camera may pick up on so that is really all you need. Remember the areas on your face where the skin stretches because this is where the most shine will appear in your photo. That is where you need the most powder. This will include the nose, forehead and chin.
As you are attempting to select clothing think about the first impression that you want to make. You are able to achieve a hot photograph without selecting something that is overly sexual. Many women think that if they want to appear hot and sexy they have to show cleavage. That is not the case and that can certainly send the wrong message. Try to select something that you are comfortable in and that makes you feel flirty and fun.

The Most Appropriate Shot for Your Size

There are a lot of people that worry about their reviews of classified dating sites because of their size. This could include the fact that they are overweight or they are shorter than most people. The good news is that these are all issues that can be taken care of with some simple tricks. You simply have to be willing to plan for these issues.
For starters, someone that is concerned that they are too short will want to think about keeping the camera a little bit lower when the photograph is being taken. This is a great way to give the illusion that you are taller than you are. Another idea would be to have someone sit on a chair and take your photograph while you are standing up. Doing so will have the same results.
Anyone that feels like they are a little bit heavier in the hips will also be able to take a hot photograph without any problems. All the individual needs to do is stand in an L stance. Keep one foot facing the camera while the other foot is at a 45 degree angle. Next, it will be important for this person to turn towards the camera a little and then slightly lift the heel of their foot that is at a 45 degree angle. These are tips that actually can make you appear thinner and they have been proven to work.

Having the Right Facial Expression Matters


“Your facial expression should have a hint of mystery”

When it comes to reviews of classified dating sites there are a lot of people that are not sure if they should be smiling or if they should have a pouty look. It is very important to remember that you will be able to determine if someone is faking any facial expression by simply looking in their eyes. With that piece of information you should know that your eyes will light up if you are genuinely happy and your mouth will match that look.
If you are going for a sultry look within your reviews of classified dating sites profiles then you must make sure that you are not clenching your teeth or your lips. Also try to keep your mouth slightly opened. You may need to take some practice shots of this look in order to get it right and appear natural.

Where is the Best Place for Your Photo Shoot

You have to remember that the background of the photograph will say a lot about who you are. Therefore, you will certainly want to think about taking the picture in your own personal environment. This will help the person viewing your profile to learn a little bit more about you. Consider the time of day when the photo is taken. It is never good to take it in the hot sun when all of your flaws and pores will clearly show up in the picture. It is also a great idea to avoid a time of the day when there are going to be a lot of shadows cast over you.

A Little Attitude Can Go a Long Way


“Your attitude can attract men”

Your reviews of classified dating sites must include more thought than what you are wearing and where the photograph is taken. There needs to be some spark within you. It is a good idea to demonstrate some confidence in your picture. This can be hard to achieve at times. So, you may have to practice. Do not rush the photo. Put on some music that you really enjoy and relax. Take numerous photographs in the mirror and then select the best one for your profile. Always choose a good website to upload your profile. It is imperative that you choose a legit website, you can always read some reviews about the website beforehand. For example, you can read socialsex review here, which clearly shows that socialsex.com is a scam. Similarly, you can find more about the other scam sites from the genuine reviews.
In the end, there are many things to consider when you want to create a hot picture for your dating profile. Having the right reviews of classified dating sites can surely increase the amount of responses that you get. However, that does not mean that you should pay a great deal of money for a professional to take your picture. If you do have a date, the individual is immediately going to become nervous because you do not look like your picture. They may also decide that you are not what they are looking for because they were misled in the first place. This only creates stress for you and it can cause you to become frustrated and give up on your dating profile all together. This can be avoided if you just use the tips that were just mentioned. You might also want to think about taking more than one photograph. Many people that look at online dating profiles want to see more than one photograph before they will respond. Taking more than one great picture could increase your chances of being notified by someone that has seen you on an online dating site. It can also help people learn more about you.

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How To Have Affairs: Tactics Cheaters Use Online & Offline

“Online cheating is on the rise”

“Online cheating is on the rise”

The internet has made information immediate and relevant. At the click of a mouse, anything you want and need is there for your viewing. This immediacy has altered the dynamics of many transactions, not the least of which is how we relate with intimate relationships.

Web sites like Ashley Madison has even made cheating very conveniently by using it as a platform for cheating hearts. Virtual connections made in real time, sans the sexual connection, are slowly gaining a casual acceptance. As long as it does not compel a spouse to seek fulfillment anywhere, the other spouse may no longer find online flirtations threatening to the relationship.

The reason for an affair

Men and women in committed relationships may eventually reach a snag in their partnership. A mounting dissatisfaction left unaddressed coupled with no sense of responsibility, increases the vulnerability for an affair. Couples in committed relationships may then be tempted to seek satisfaction of their need from an outside party, who may be more than willing to indulge the needy spouse’s unmet needs.

For partners whose sexual needs aren’t met, finding a partner online maybe like circumventing the definition of cheating as it reduces the chances of real life infidelity.

Workplace friendships can potentially become emotional affairs. Emotional connections made with another person other than the spouse is dangerous as it slowly erodes the strength of the primary relationship. Not too many marriages suffered just because a spouse sought a co-worker for emotional support. When a party establishes an emotional connection with another person that is shrouded in secrecy, an affair is likely to happen

Is there a difference between online and off line cheating?

“Online cheating is dangerous at many levels”

“Online cheating is dangerous at many levels”

When a person in a committed relationship indulges in intimate emotional activity with another online, there are dangers involved. Online flirting diverts a person’s time and energy, not unlike an actual affair, from their primary relationship. When the main relationship becomes problematic or vulnerable, the temptation to connect to someone else can provide a diversion that eventually becomes a priority almost superseding the primary relationship.

This back up plan mentality can lead a man to consider consummating his online connection and discover if an affair would be easier and more satisfying than his current relationship. Infidelity is basically a betrayal of trust. It’s not about the sex. Internet affairs may not fit this definition if both parties are open to the arrangement. But this online activity can undermine the strength of the primary relationship in a way that when something is lacking, the desire to seek it elsewhere becomes justified.

Cheating in the 21st Century

“Technology has given numerous opportunities to cheat”

“Technology has given numerous opportunities to cheat”

Technology has made convenient what use to be difficult 20 years ago. Meeting with a potential date can now be done without the wife knowing what you’re up to. Here are some tactics cheaters use to hide their infidelity:

Create a separate e-mail account

– Unless the FBI is on your trail, this is a very convenient way to handle correspondence with a mistress without getting caught. Just don’t use your computer at home and erase your internet history when using a shared computer. Ex-CIA Director, General David Petraeus, and his mistress Paula Broadwell used this means of communication before the FBI got wind of their adulterous affair.

Open a separate bank account

– A separate bank account will allow you to hide your financial transactions by being the source of your cash. Don’t use your credit card to pay for expensive gifts, restaurant dates and motel reservations. These transactions will be reflected on your credit card billing. If you don’t want awkward questions later on, refrain from using a credit card or get one that your wife doesn’t know about.

Download Infidelity Apps

– Infidelity apps are the future of infidelity. Having these apps on your smart phone will ensure that all messages and files from your friend will not be accessible to prying eyes. Apps like Tiger Text hide incriminating messages and hide them in a separate folder where you get to view them later on at your pleasure. Apps like Blendr and Grindr, which use location based technology, allows for private chat interface, anonymous profiles and the ability to send messages and photos to potential partners. It does away with the need of having to share addresses via e-mail so a curious spouse won’t stumble upon it.

Study your Smart phone features

– Most Smartphones have security features that will ensure your privacy and lock your phone if not used. One phone in Japan, the Fujitsu F series, is a favored phone among Japanese philanderers. This phone has designed security features which alert the owner when their friend calls. The only give away is changing in the color of the battery icon when incriminating messages are received. Unanswered calls do not register if left unanswered.

Dodging Private Investigators

Private Investigators do good business all because cheating spouses are lousy with hiding details about their affairs. Always remember, a private investigator wouldn’t come into the picture if your wife didn’t suspect you were cheating. Don’t give your wife a reason to suspect.

“How to have an affair properly is to know how to hide behavior that will make your wife suspicious. Always pay in cash, try to act as normal as possible the way you did before you had the affair. Try to limit your “night out with the boys” and always have a good excuse to explain why you came home late. Shower your wife with gifts and give her attention.

Don’t overdo it, however.

On the plus side this may distract her from thinking you’re acting guilty and think that you really had her in mind. The downside is that she thinks you’re acting guilty and may confront you about it. In the event that she does, always observe the golden rule: deny, deny, deny!

Leading the double life

“Are you ready to live a double life”

“Are you ready to live a double life”

When you have decided to lead the double life, it’s important to understand that it has very strict rules. Ignore them at your own risk. Now, that you are ready to step into this world of adultery, you need to know how to have an affair and not get caught. For that you need to visit http://affairdatingguide.com/how-to-have-an-affair/ and learn the affairs tactics to be a seasoned cheater.
When you are scouting a potential partner, always lay the ground rules. You do the calling. Lock your phone and hide your infidelity apps. Unless your marriage is just plain miserable and you don’t have the guts to walk away, make your partner understand that the relationship is just for sex. Do not engage in any activity that will lead one or both of you to fall in love with each other. There is nothing like emotions to give an affair away.

When things aren’t going well, don’t press the affair. Take advantage of technology but understand that it also has its down side. Nothing can be hidden anymore. An email can easily be traced through its IP address and infidelity apps can immediately give you away. Even if the hard drive hasn’t been used for long, a forensic search of the equipment will reveal incriminating emails even if deleted already while your Smartphone can give your location away.

Leading the double life may be exciting but its consequences can cost you more than you may be willing to lose. In the event that you think your marriage is in trouble, have the courage to fight for it. Closed lips don’t get you what you need.

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Buyer Beware – How To Protect Yourself From Internet Dating Scams


“Look out for the internet dating scammers”

Love and companionship is enjoyed today by millions of people and growing day by day at a fast pace. The online connection indeed gave birth to a social revolution in easy ways never before imagined. Love over the internet had become a regular occurrence and internet dating has become a popular industry.
As the online dating services become booming businesses and so are the subscribers, internet dating scams likewise flourish. The hope of finding a mate online and falling in love blissfully does not happen to everyone. In fact, every one faces the danger of falling prey to the two major pitfalls of online dating, which is, fraudulent companies and fraudulent daters.
People aged 40 and up represent a majority of the membership but internet dating scams spare no one. Scam artists use the dating sites in attacking under a sophistication that covers up their fraudulent intention. Worse, the dating sites are themselves the scammers and every one of the members is a target. So buyers beware and hold tight to your wallets as financial exploitation is fast growing. This is the reason we tested various sites such as eHarmony to differentiate between legit and scam sites.
Find out why eHarmony is good by reading this review that tests if eHarmony is a scam. The above review checks if it’s a scam site or not. You can find out too and avoid a scam site. Anyone who has an internet connection, an email address, and a desire for love is a potential target. It pays to know the modus operandi on internet dating scams that con artists use.

Dirty Facts about Online Dating Fraud Revealed


“Don’t get played by con artists”

There are varied dirty tactics used for internet dating scams and they are carried out by appealing to emotions with sophistication, much so that a target easily gets lured.
A photo is sent as attachment with a hidden file. Once an attempt to open the attachment is made, the photo appears and the malware starts to work its way to the back door, infect your computer, and get access to the files. This may include credit card and bank account information as well as the passwords.
Extortion is another method being employed by cyber criminals. Secret encounters are set up with married people on dating sites. A potential victim will be framed up with feigned intimacy, photos and support documents to be used as bribe against the husband or wife as the case may be, to employers, or to friends and family. The extortion ends when fear of the threat of exposure ends which can be a really long time and several instances of shake downs. A powerful disguise occurs in some cases where a con man is actually a woman.
Ironically, it happens that some internet dating scams are dating web sites themselves. The victims pay the membership fee for what turns out to be an imaginary match.

Avoiding the Two Major Pitfalls in Online Dating


“Don’t trust everything that is beautiful and flashy”

1. Deceitful online dating companies: A false advertisement by the company is made by promoting members who never really exist. The attractive photos and profiles falsely created to draw in daters go as far as sending fake messages with requests and enticing comments.
A free registration makes an effective come on and flooding messages from feigned attractive men and women are put to work. Interest is stimulated further by the limiting features of a free account thereby pushing for conversion of a free membership to a monthly subscription. The messages stop after payment has been made and any attempt to connect with previous contact becomes futile, and then dons the realization of deceit.
2. Deceitful online daters: The second major pitfall is a false online dater and even legit dating sites have several of them. It is natural of online daters to seek meaningful and trustworthy relationships and this usually brings subscribers to a vulnerable position. Care and concern set in after the attraction that makes them more than eager to help. Financial requests are made by the scammer and money is sent through wire transfer. If the dater is not smart enough to realize soon, numerous requests are heeded before the sudden disappearance.

Measures to Safeguard against Internet Dating Scams


“Keep your eyes open to see the red flags”

There seem to be an endless uptrend to the plethora of internet dating sites and the plethora of complaints being filed against them. A single professional scammer can create bogus websites severally, collect membership fees, and be gone. Even the several legit dating websites promising true love and romance do not guarantee safety from predators. In fact, even legit dating sites express upfront that no background checks is done, more so, verification of posted information is made. Building one’s own defenses is called for in online dating.
Make a research: Check out the website before even creating an account. Free registration is often a trap that leads to more losses in the end. Make a double check before any payment. There are fraudulent web sites as there are helpful ones that inform about the safe ones.
Keep private information a secret: Stay in control of the dating experience by withholding personal information. Protect your identity from people you hardly know and who may be after it for bad intentions.
Steer clear of monetary issues: Ignore any request for money even under emergency situations. Put to mind that wire transfers are irreversible and irrecoverable transactions and there is no protection from anywhere for you. A request for any monetary assistance from someone you hardly know is a clear sign of disrespect and abuse. Treating the highly probable exploitation with abandon is a clear sign of stupidity.
Stay alert and informed: The world is full of beautiful and ugly people and so is the world of online dating. Be watchful of web sites with only good-looking people in it. What seems too good to be true may be false. Keep abreast of trending scams so you do not stay in the dark and be the one among many victims.

Measures to Safeguard Against Long Distance Internet Dating

There are special safety concerns in terms of dating over long distances. The following pointers will assist you to safety in meeting up with somebody for the first time and away from your own place:
Book in a hotel. Do not go if you cannot afford the accommodation.
Secure your own ride by getting a cab or renting a car despite voluntary efforts to pick you up or take you to places. Riding a personal vehicle of someone you hardly know spells disaster.
Keep your location confidential. This does not only grant respect for your privacy but also provide as a safety precaution.
Update your family and friends. People back home should know how you are doing, places you are going, and when you are scheduled to return.
Any person with a desire for a relationship and possesses an email account qualifies as a victim of internet dating scams. Whether the internet is a wrong place for love or there are simply bad eggs in a nest, the truth is, every one in the dating website may be a scam target. This is because people in the dating scene are generally lonely and vulnerable and in fact, are paying for the chance to meet people, creating a sense of insecurity. These may include people who are still single at 40 or single again either by divorce or through the death of a partner. They turn to the computer for help where online dating sites await.
The dating companies need you for profit and you need them for finding a relationship. They promise fun, love and romance but the happening is all in your hands. Proceeding without caution is turning away from the direction and heading towards another direction where there is embarrassment, hatred and farce,

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Neat and Easy Tricks for Maintaining Youthful Skin

The secret to that beautiful skin flaunted by models, actors and actresses alike is regular care. If you really want your skin to look and feel good, regular care is essential. And you don’t need expensive gadgets, products or gimmicks. Here you’ll find simple yet effective ways of keeping your skin beautiful, youthful and blemish-free.

Avoid Heat and Keep Moisturized

  • Stay away from heat sources like direct sunlight, hot weather and saunas. Excessive exposure to heat can make your skin red, may burn it, and may even cause broken skin capillaries.

  • Keep your skin moisturized. You may use moisturizing body wash or beauty bars to keep the skin on your body supple; then use a moisturizing cream for your face. When taking a bath, avoid using hot water and germicidal soaps. These can remove your skin’s natural oils and thus promote dryness. After bathing, use moisturizing lotions for your arms and legs.

  • If you live in hot and dry weather, a humidifier at home and at your workplace can help prevent dry skin. There are a lot of humidifiers that don’t cost that much and could fit in your budget.

  • For men: to prevent from experiencing skin irritation when shaving your face, use warm water to wet the facial area thoroughly for about five to ten minutes before shaving. To soften your beard, you may dab your face with a warm, damp towel. Also, begin shaving only right after your shower or bath. This will help avoid scraping your face with the blade.

If you opt to use shaving cream, use one that moisturizes your skin to avoid dryness too.

To maintain youthful skin

To maintain youthful skin

Exfoliate and Protect

  • Exfoliate on a regular basis, about at least thrice a week. Exfoliation has a lot of benefits including removal of dead skin cells and cleansing of skin pores. This improves blood circulation, improves skin tone and appearance, as well as removes toxins. It helps keep your face radiant and improves the surface of your skin.

  • For your face, you may use oatmeal mixed with strawberries and light cream for a natural exfoliating mask. The lactic acid and antioxidants found in strawberries are good for the skin. Apply this mixture to your face for about five minutes before rinsing. If you have sensitive skin, look for moisturizing exfoliants specifically designed for application on the face.

Berries & Youthful Skin

Berries & Youthful Skin

You may also try using the jasmine plant to freshen your face. The oil from this plant is full of antioxidants which can give your skin a clear and healthy look.

  • For your hands, arms, legs and body, exfoliate by using a dry brush with natural bristles before every bath. Then use a sugar scrub. Allow it to stay on your skin for five to ten minutes then rinse with warm water. Then apply moisturizing cream.

  • Protect your hands from drying and cracking every time you wash your clothes and dishes by wearing rubber gloves.

  • If you have oily skin, go for powdered make-up as these absorb the oil from your face and thus stay on longer.

  • Maintain your skin by using night time skin care products. These help freshen up your skin during the night.

  • Eat foods containing Vitamin E, such as blueberries, papaya, and dark, leafy green vegetables. Vitamin E contains lots of antioxidants which can fight off free radicals and rejuvenate your skin.

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Is Your Girlfriend Planning on Straying on You?

If you and your girlfriend share a whole lot of quality time together for a while now, then it’s possible that you know each other well already to know if something is wrong. And lately, you feel something strange about her but could not actually dip your finger on it. Could it be that she is beginning to have a change of heart and thinking about straying on you?

There are reasons why women stray on their partners; valid or not, they do it because of unmet expectations in the relationship or on you as the partner. If she is unable to open up about this, then it’s possible that she doesn’t see you as somebody that will understand her feelings or worse, help in resolving the matter. Straying would be her fool-proof way of cutting short the relationship here and now.

If she means that much to you, then it pays to work this issue with her. It would be sad to just let her go without even making an effort that could spell the difference in the saving your relationship.

Here are some signs that your girlfriend may indeed be planning on straying on you:

Can You Get Your Girlfriend Back After Cheating on Her?

Can You Get Your Girlfriend Back After Cheating on Her?

1. Staying unconnected all of a sudden. If the pattern of your communication in the earlier days is very predictable – calls between coffee breaks, texting on weekends, online chat before going to sleep and even the scheduled movie dates every Friday – and then suddenly the communication is becoming less and less frequent. You might want to know the reasons behind this change in pattern.

2. Her work and social activities suddenly leave you out in the dark. Being happy together just talking about anything under the sun grows your relationship faster and further. You don’t see any problem in co-existing with your girlfriend; it just makes you feel good knowing that even if you can’t be together at all times, you know each other’s whereabouts. But lately you’re starting to lose sight of her tracks; neither is she volunteering information of her in-office and out-of-office activities. She feels annoyed whenever you ask her and suddenly sees no reason why she should make her schedule predictable for you.

3. You strongly feel she’s trying to make your time together short. This is easy to determine when upon seeing you, or upon your suggestion to see each other for a quick dinner out or movie, she goes on to say “but I can’t stay for long” or “I need to get going right after dinner”.

magine if your girlfriend

magine if your girlfriend

4. She seems to be putting on extra effort to look good. When girls get too comfortable in a relationship, oftentimes they lose interest in making themselves look extremely good for their boyfriends; there is this certain feeling of “acceptance” on however she looks that makes her feel comfortable. Suddenly she gives herself extra time to put on a flawless face or add extra curls on her hair – but the thing is she’s not even going out with you.

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Best Reasons To Switch To Android

Most of the people prefer to buy android cell phones and the main reason behind it is its cost effectiveness while you experience the feel of high end phones. They are also available in all brands of handsets and hence available in a wide range which provides more options for customers to choose from. They are quite popular with people belonging to all classes and hence most widely opted by a majority of the people.

Reasons for selecting Android

One-touch word selection

One-touch word selection

High integration of google

Most of the Android phones have excellent integration of Google. Having good integration of Google means having good integration for internet itself. Since most of the mobile users love to have good access to the internet they prefer android phones. These phones are handsets that love Google and hence liked by most of the people. These handsets also include almost all the best apps available within them and so most of the users find them convenient.

Excellent choices of network

These handsets are programmed to pick up all the networks and have great pick up for all the networks. They are also very easy to use and options like SIM free handsets are also available. Such handsets are much economical than the phones that offer Sims and selection of networks of your choice.

Provides best options for low cost

The android provides high end experience for any phones of any handsets. You do not have to always select the smart phones alone for feeling the high end experiences. Even if you wish to buy the newest model available in the market at this moment it will provide you considerable less money options than any other phones. Why would you choose some other smart phones when you can feel the same experience in much less money than the actual smart phones.

Flexible and open OS

The OS installed in most of the android phones are extremely flexible and are open for options like how you do and what you do when compared to other phones. Like the smart phone I phone you do not have to tune into my music just for listening to music where there are certain limitations. Choosing android phones provide you with wider options without any limitations.

Easy multitasks with Android phones

Most of the I phone users feel and have a wish that if there phone could support multitasking. Thanks to android phones that supports multitask with a drop down option in almost all screens in all handsets. This menu specifically for the drop down is available on all the Android phones and they are very simple and easy to use.

When switching to Android from iOS, you'll need a lot of new apps.

When switching to Android from iOS, you’ll need a lot of new apps.

Easy replacement of computers

The android phones are very easy replacements of actual systems as they can be used to update details and dats’s. You do not have to sit in front of any systems for performing these simple tasks and do the same from any place conveniently. If you happen to lose this phone accidently then you have not lost much as they are of very less investment.

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Quick Money Saving Tips

With the economy going down and a lot of people losing their jobs, it is important that each one of us will learn to save. People usually save money because they want to buy something in the future or they want to have money to spend on a vacation. Whatever the reasons, saving is important now that the times are getting harder. The true problem now arises. A lot of people are willing to save but don’t know how. There are actually many ways to save. You don’t need actually to save several thousands of dollars. Saving a little is already an accomplishment. Here are simple ways to save but could get you into the habit of saving.

  • Make your own gifts instead of buying from the store – When we give other people gifts, we usually buy from the store. Gifts that are bought from the store are usually expensive. If you want to save, you can make the gift yourself instead of buying it. You can save a lot by just buying the materials and making it on your own. There are many guides that you can find in the internet and can be used as a reference. On top of that, the one who will receive the gift will really appreciate it because you added a personal touch to it.

  • Maximize airflow in the house – This move can save you a lot of money because you no longer need to use an electric fun and air conditioner. By not using the electric fund and the air conditioner you will significantly reduce your electric bills. You don’t have to force everything on the current design of your house. If opening the windows to the entire house, you can leave them as is, open a single window and place a fan in front of it. This is way better than turning on several electric fans or the air conditioner for the entire day.

  • Make a personal budget – This may seem like a common advice but actually not all people apply this. They don’t take a moment to list down all their earnings and all their expenses. If you make a budget, you can adjust according to what is available to that. If you have debts, make sure to pay them off first before spending it on other expenses. More than making the personal budget, you also need to stick to the budget that you made.

    Basic money-saving strategies,

    Basic money-saving strategies,

  • Unplug electronic appliances – When not in use, make sure to unplug all your electrical appliances. There are appliances that continue to use electricity even if they are not used. To make sure that this not happen to you, idle devices should be turned off and unplugged from the electric socket.

easy and money-saving tips

easy and money-saving tips

There are still many ways to save money that you can do. Remember that saving doesn’t mean that we immediately save a huge amount of money. It starts with small things. Eventually without you noticing it, it will become a habit. You’ll notice that you already have saved a lot from the small things that you do.

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How to Make a Smooth Transition To Online Work

Many full time workers are considering giving up their jobs to earn and work from home instead. This is especially true for mothers who have small children to raise; they wonder if the cost of sending their children to daycare centers while they go to work is still worth the trouble. Their math would probably show that the cost of daycare eats up most of their salary. Given an opportunity to work from home even for a lesser amount of their current salary in lieu of personally attending to the needs of her kids is a tempting choice they’d like to consider.

Due to the advent of digital technology you can now work from home and still manage to help in taking care of your family. There are just so many income opportunity to tap on the internet; in fact some of the skills required for some of these work opportunities are skills you may already know. You only have to learn the proper transition from offline work to online work. The ideal transition process would be to have an online side job that you can do on your free time during a regular working day, or on your days off at work. Create a target extra income and maintain this side job until you’ve completely adjusted to the phase and have studied the flow of income. When you see that it’s now possible to replicate the income from your full time work then you can now comfortably resign and focus on your online job.

If you are planning to work from home in the very near future, here are just some of the kinds of work you can explore online:

1. Telecommuting. Also referred to as “remote work” or “telework”, this is a kind of home-based job wherein you have a special work arrangement with a local company to do the bulk of your work at home, and report in the main office one or two days in a given month. Some companies will even provide you with the work equipment that you may need and some will even subsidize the cost of your utilities like electricity, telephone lines or even internet connection.

make a smooth transition

make a smooth transition

2. Virtual Assistance. Practically the same as how telecommuting works, but your clients or employers in this kind of work are situated in any part of the globe. Harnessing the power of the internet work is work output is completely communicated digitally using commonly-used platforms. There are several work sub-categories under virtual assistance: data encoding, email responder, transcription, bookkeeping, general administrative work and website administration just to name a few.

3. Online Copywriting. This skill is required in making creative and good articles used in promoting products and services online. Because good writing can drive sales for any online business, this special skill commands good pay rate from clients and employers.

creative skills required

creative skills required

Finding a work opportunity online and work from home is easy when you know where your strengths lie. If you are serious about working from home, you also need to develop your career based on a short, mid and long term plan; that way your plan will help you focus on your goal and not easily give up especially during your adjustment period.

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